College Volleyball Recruiting Secrets

A current college volleyball coach tells you what you need to know

From freshman to senior, whichever division of college volleyball you’re targeting, Inside College Volleyball will provide you with the information, specific plans, and advice to get the most out of the college volleyball recruiting process and provide a view from inside the world of collegiate volleyball.

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  • Confused about NCAA recruiting rules?

  • Concerned about the timing of commitments?

  • Need a good college volleyball recruiting plan of action?

  • Wondering whether you should use a volleyball recruiting service?

  • Want to know how to best handle communication with college coaches?

  • Curious about how to manage campus visits?

  • Unsure what to put in your volleyball recruiting video?

  • Want to know how to best present yourself at tournaments?

If any of these questions apply to you, Inside College Volleyball should be on your reading list.

Written by an experienced college volleyball coach, this book shares with you a view from inside the college volleyball recruiting process. It gives you the information you need, provides advice and suggestions, answers many common questions, and generally lets you know what’s going through the minds of coaches.

Put yourself in the best position for a scholarship and/or to be recruited by your top choice school

Understand the NCAA recruiting rules

The rules the NCAA has for recruiting can definitely be confusing. Inside College Volleyball explains the key terms and regulations – and the differences between the various divisions – and how they change as a high school player moves through the years. It makes the volleyball recruiting process much more understandable and easy to navigate.

Know the key periods and milestones in the process

The college volleyball recruiting process is one of stages that a prospective player moves through. Inside College Volleyball walks you through the stages and decision points along the way so you know what to expect and what you need to do.

Have a strong volleyball recruiting plan of action

Right from the outset, Inside College Volleyball provides you with a plan of action. The Coach offers guidance and advice for each year of high school, so no matter whether you’re a sophomore or a senior, there is a specific action plan for the volleyball recruiting process you can follow, both in the immediate term and for the future.

Decide if a volleyball recruiting service is right for you

College volleyball recruiting services seem to be popping up all over the place. In Inside College Volleyball you will find a section specifically focused on them, providing you information on the different types. Coach also offers a specific set of questions you should ask when considering a recruiting service and provides insight into how coaches react to them.

Communicate effectively with college volleyball coaches

Effective communications with the coaches of the schools you are looking at is a key of success full volleyball recruiting. That means knowing what to expect from coaches during the different stages of the recruiting process in terms of rules and the coaches’ recruiting cycles. It also means knowing how best to get and keep a coach’s attention, and how to gauge their interest in you as a prospect. Coach shares suggestions for all of this in the book.

Get the most out of campus visits

Campus visits are an important part of each prospective college volleyball player’s decision-making process. In Inside College Volleyball you’ll find tips and suggestions on when to make the visits, the difference between official and unofficial visits, what to expect when you’re on campus, and what you should be looking out for while there.

Use competition to your best advantage

Club tournaments, and in some cases high school matches, are the places where coaches evaluate players. That’s more than just being about the player’s skill, though. You will find in Inside College Volleyball advice and recommendations about how to handle yourself when college coaches are court-side scouting you.

A Deep Look into
College Volleyball

A look at the life of college volleyball players

While Inside College Volleyball does a great deal on college volleyball recruiting, it doesn’t stop there. Future collegiate players will find that Coach also talks in the book about life as a student-athlete, including things like training and equipment, handling a coaching change, and transfers for those finding themselves in that situation.

A behind the scenes view

Fans of college volleyball will find that the Coach also discusses a lot of subjects that don’t get talked about in the media. NCAA tournament selection, college coach employment, athletic department politics, and the state of college volleyball are all topics addressed.

For coaches

High school and club coaches and club directors are a big part of the college volleyball recruiting process. To provide the best support and assistance to their players they need to know the ins and outs of the recruiting game. Inside College Volleyball goes beyond just providing player-based guidance, it also has specific recommendations for how coaches can put themselves in the best position to help. Beyond that, though, Coach also talks about the training and tactical sides of modern volleyball. And those looking at a career in college coaching will find some valuable insights.

For Any Level of College Volleyball Targeted

Not just for Division I prospects

The NCAA Division I rules are the most stringent and that’s the level Coach writes from, but Inside College Volleyball is useful for all levels of college volleyball. The plan of action for going through the volleyball recruiting process is just as useful for Division II, Division III, NAIA, and Junior College prospects. Where appropriate, Coach discusses the variations in the rules.

You don’t need to be a club player

Juniors Volleyball is definitely the favored path to college volleyball, but not everyone takes that course. Inside College Volleyball provides specific advice for those who play only high school volleyball to help them compete in the college volleyball recruiting game.

Useful for both Women’s Volleyball and Men’s Volleyball

While it’s true Inside College Volleyball was written by a women’s college volleyball coach and talks about volleyball recruiting and the college experience from that perspective, the considerations for the men are largely the same. The Coach actually speaks directly to the men’s side of things at a couple points in the book as well. There are some differences because of the relative size and structure of the men’s game, but the recruiting rules and process are the same, so Coach’s suggestions about how to handle it are appropriate for both men and women.

Common questions answered

Not every high school player is in the same position in their college volleyball recruiting process and there are some special cases where questions come up. Inside College Volleyball is full of answers to very specific questions on subjects like:

– Verbal offers and commitments
– Recruited walk-ons
– Ivy League recruiting
– Multi-sport athletes
– College camps and recruiting
– Signing periods

Why write anonymously?

Inside College Volleyball was developed from Coach’s blog, which is a place for an open discussion of everything related to college volleyball. The college volleyball community is a small one. Coach has worked at multiple schools, in different conferences, and has interacted with peers from across the country. The anonymous authoring allows Coach to talk about things without exposing specific individuals and institutions, as well as to address things with an openness and honesty that might not otherwise be possible.

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